The Club

The Club

Our Mission
A premiere society of distinguished cuisiniers and
Professional chefs, working together to
Advance education and excellence in their craft.


  1. Networking
  2. Discussion of relevant industry issues.
  3. Promoting acceptable industry standards
  4. Training and development

All members are executive chefs, Sommeliers, Restaurant/Hotel Industry professionals

We strive to improve the industry through training and education, believing this to be a lifelong journey.

Les Toques Blanches uses its finances to:

  • Benefit members
  • Assist with recognition of excellence in training
  • Assist activities considered by the organization to promote the culinary arts
  • Subsidies field trips or other educational events
  • Donate to charity
  • Recognize professionals of the food  Industry


The International organisation “Les Toques Blanches” began in 1978 in Paris, France when Jean Rougie realized there was very little communication among culinary specialists practicing their craft, not only in France but all over the world, with many professional chefs working outside their country of origin. Identifying that chefs need a worldwide formal organisation. Jean and his conferees launched their fledging organisation in Paris, France and called it, “Les Toques Blanches” which translated means: “The White Hat”.

About a year after Rougie announced his ambitious concept, he was joined by such colleagues as food journalist George Prade and premier chefs; Jean Delaveyne and Charles Janon. Also parts of the new organization were other distinguished cuisiniers, such as Nichole Troullet, Jacques Bruel and George Dury. This group set up an association of professional chefs to conform to French laws. Plans were made to extend and develop the organization worldwide. Originally, all members of Les Toques Blanches International Club were required to be working outside of their country of origin. By 2004, Les Toques Blanches International Club had grown to in more than eighty-seven countries. There were more than sixty organized autonomous chapters operating around the world. Les Toques Blanches flourishes with many chapters in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, The Middle East and United States of America.